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day in taiwan 2 by creamypumpkin
day in taiwan 2
we have to wash the cloth ourselves ,so we ask the local and found a self service laundry 
it was kind of vintage washing machine ,it have to toss the same 10 yuan on the drawer ,
push and the machine will on itself 
day in taiwan 1 by creamypumpkin
day in taiwan 1
day 1 and 2 i stayed at tai zhong 台中!
i really love the night , we live near the place that called “夜市”it meants night market!   this is the place called "逢甲夜市"
the food and the huge crowd !i love it and it was amazing !
the first picture is the place we stay ,and the second is on the night market morning view ...
the third photo is called fried squid,and the fourth photo called stinky tofu ,it was very popular in chinese .
the cabbage put above the tofu is called "酸菜"it's pickled chinese cabbage ,if you eat together it was crispy tofu mixed with sour and alittle bit of spicy tingling
althought it was very smelly  ,but the people like it will love it ,but for the people dont like it will hate it hahaha 
i forgot to take more food picture in here because i keep wandering and amazed by the air and feels from tai zhong...
me and my ukulele3 by creamypumpkin
me and my ukulele3
because the pic i took too blurry so i have to edit color in it ,
i prefer natural editing more this year Nod 
  • Mood: Joy
  • Drinking: fresh juice
my friend request me for question to answer ,i think its interesting so i'm going to answer some ^^

 what is your name?
you can call me pumpkin in DA, my friend call me by chinese name "xiao zhang" or "liew"is okay too

how old are you?
this year will be 24 

Did you have a happy childhood?
although my parents divorce when i was a child ,but yeah 
atleast i have food ,place to stay ,i think i'm lucky 

Where did you grow up?
malaysia !
it's a place that have lots of delicious food to explore and share!

Who was your role model while growing up?
none , but i wish i can be a smart person

If you could change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?
hmmm, i don't want to change it .
because if change it ,i will be a different person ...
happy go lucky!

Is there anyone on this world you love more than yourself?
yes , my friend whom died 6 years ago .
he passed away from a tragic car accident ,i hope i can change my life for him 
we are just like soul mate to each other ,wish he is happy in heaven now 

Were you picked on at school?
not bullied , but i being teased by my classmate alot from my appearance 
i'm not really attractive in teenage ,and i'm a bookworm  teehee 

Do you still believe in Santa Claus?
yes !

Have you ever slapped another girl after you turned 18?
nope ,i will be so upset if someone slap me :(

What do you think is your best physical feature?
i think its my skin , i have soft skin 

What do you think is your worst habit?
i think it's Indecisive

What is the wildest thing you've ever done?
i've fly away from my place to another place without my parents and friend
and stay more then 4 years now 

Quick, name the first three things that come to your mind when I say _____________ .
happy , curl and purple!

Do you have any weird habits?
i like to eat things with separate parts with 1,2,3 
ex,spaghetti  1,noodles 2,sauce,3 meat balls . or chicken rice 1,rice 2,soup then 3,chicken 

As a young girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
when i was young i always wanted to be a comic artist or a designer ! 

Have you ever had an addiction that you had to fight really hard to get rid of?
hmmm i think is reading novels , i always couldn't stop for a rest while i'm reading a book 

What are your thoughts on gay marriages?
it was great! i support gay marriage ,everyone can fall in love

Have you ever had a near death experience?
nope ,i always fainted when i shocked or injured 

How would you want to die?
with no regrets and peacefully 

What do you find most attractive in a man?
appearance is not really important to me 
i'm looking forward to their characteristic more 

Have you ever dreamed of being an actress?
yes ,but actress is so stress ,they have to be a good role model and have no private time 

Do you believe in soulmates?
yes !

Who was your first boyfriend? Why did your relationship break up?
heehee i'm still with my first boyfriend 

What makes you happy?
easiest things that makes me happy is songs !

What are your favorite colors? Why?
i like yellow and pink !
yellow ithe color of a smiley face
and pink is cute and fluffy

As a child, did you ever do something illegal?
nope , my mother say no to something i will follow her rules 

What's your favorite song?
i always change my favourite songs
recently is deluxe 

What do you do to unwind after a long day's work?
i would like to have a can of coke and doing some gym !

What's the wackiest pick up line that's been tried on you?
"do you like futanari ?"
i don't know what it is until i google it 
"what size is your foot ?"
i get alot of this from strangers 

Pick one - chocolate or diamonds.

What is your opinion about physical intimacy in relationships?
if you love her, please use condom !

What turns you off about men?
a men that's being rude to waiter/waiteresses
and swearing

i you have some question for me please feel free to note me ^^


creamypumpkin's Profile Picture
but i always type chinese in facebook ,sorry if you don't understand :(
i will keep trying change it to english ;)

DA is for english :D,most photo uploaded in here;)…

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